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JAM Purple Paper Clips

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These paperclips may be called "standard" but they are far from ordinary! These JAM Paper Colored Standard Paper Clips boast a bright purple color as well as the highest of durability. Let's talk about the color first. The purple color is sure to stand out against any color paper, so it will always be noticed. Next, let's talk about the durability. These clips are made of reliable, smooth metal, so they won't be breaking or bending easily. Lastly, let's talk about the size. These clips are a standard size, measuring 1 inch, so they hold a variety of papers very securely. These clips are great to use for any organizational endeavor, from the office to your home or, for students at school.

Length: 1 1/8"

Material: Metal

Finish: Smooth

Size: Regular

Width: 1/4"