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JAM Jumbo Purple Staples

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Purple is the color of royalty, and with these purple JAM Paper® Colored Jumbo Paper Clips anything you clip together will have an automatic air of realness. These perfectly purple clips will catch anyone's eye with the bright pop of color they bring to any pile of documents or that report you need to hand in at school. They are perfect to use at the office, at home or at school or just to stay organized wherever you need to go. These clips are made of smooth metal so they are durable and strong and able to hold a large amount of papers due to their jumbo size.

They measure 2 inches long and are a great size for when you have a lot to clip together.

Size: 2 Inches (Large/Jumbo) 

Our premium paperclips are made from vinyl coated steel wire These colorful paper clips are great for organizing papers and documents at home, school, or the office!